“Finally, Potable Water!”

That’s what it was for the Pupils and Staff of Helena Schools on the occasion of the Commissioning of the Water Borehole donated to the School by Mrs. Nigeria|Tourism United Nations World some days ago.

The warm reception, prayers, hugs, high-energy-yet-emotional songs showered on the Beauty Queen by the Pupils are gifts that shall forever be cherished. The gratification that comes with knowing that your “little” may have translated to “so much” for some, is simply priceless!

In her words, “neither Crowns nor Sashes are required to engage in acts of charity, a beautiful cause wherein nothing is ever too small”.

Special thanks to God for the life, health, willingness and resources to have been able to get this far, while praying for His continued special grace to do much more and leave more positive prints across many lives, and by extension, the world.

Deepest appreciation to Ms. Maria Svensson for all the love and support which she has offered in more ways than just financial, from Month 1 of this journey up until this moment. God bless her everyday.

So, before this begins to sound like a valedictory speech, enjoy the attached photos.

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