Annually, October is dedicated to the creation of awareness for the most common type of cancer among women – breast cancer!

Breast Cancer is deadly yes, but not if detected early! It was on the basis of this that Ebele Enemchukwu, Mrs. Nigeria| Mrs. Tourism United Nations World proactively took the campaign of breast cancer awareness to the women of Ikota Village in Lagos State, Nigeria.

In her very interactive lecture tagged “Understanding Breast Cancer”, the Beauty Queen mother of three, educated fellow women and mothers on how and when best to carry out a breast self examination, predisposing factors to the disease, the importance of breast screening and more.

Questions were entertained, while firmly reminding the women to seek professional medical advice rather than crude means of diagnosis in the event of an unclear ‘development’ in the breast(s).

In conjunction with the WABIO FOUNDATION, Breast Self Examination Kits were distributed as souvenirs to the women to continue in the fight against the disease.

Ebele Enemchukwu (Mrs. Tourism United Nations World) supports the fight against breast cancer. DO YOU??


It was a weekend well spent with the residents of Ikate Community. ‘Shielding’ this area are the mansions and other magnificent pieces of architectural excellence which are seen when one drives along the highway.

Mrs. Tourism will forever remain grateful to both the National and International Organisers of the United Nations Pageants for the life-changing exposure these titles continue to provide on a daily basis.

I sure had fun with the indigenes, especially the boisterous children and women. Some of the women said they’d like to be like Mrs. Tourism, but when the ‘test of faith’ came, and they were asked to replace their sodas with water, they failed. “Aunty, abeg give me mineras, I no wan water (Aunty, please give me soda, I don’t need water)” Haahaha! On a pathetic note, I may never understand why a child would decide to dig the ground, bury his food, with the hope of joining the queue for another pack. He was nabbed by our anti-corruption unit. Really sad! May God equip all parents/Guardians/Caregivers with everything needed to raise our children aright.

Special appreciation first to God Almighty for the resources, strength and health to successfully execute this project. To Maria Svensson, my third Mum (after my biological mother and mother-in-law) for all the love and support that go way beyond just financial. Thank You Ma! Mr. Hafeez Shotande, thank you for your interest and contribution towards this. Obehi (my connection guru for this project), Kemoncé, Adibuah, Deji, you guys are the best! Mr. Pascal Obiwulu, your expertise as a three-time father made all the difference, and was visible in the way you engaged the children. There was no dull moment. Peter, Ruth, Mmesoma Kanu, coordination would have difficult had it not been for you. Daniel, thank you for capturing these beautiful moments