Mrs. Tourism visits Modupe Cole Child Care & Treatment Home School

The second charity visit was equally as interesting and rewarding as the first. I spent quality time with the students of Modupe Cole Child Care & Treatment Home School.

I’m not sure how to correctly capture in words, what/how I felt by my encounter with the lively occupants of this home. To make it easier to understand, it’s a school for the physically and/or mentally challenged! Of the many lessons and realities I was exposed to, one that will linger on is the reminder that we should always be grateful for the gifts we have. When we complain about the many things we wish we had, remember to say “Thank you Father” for that which you have……physical health ….mental health…for family….the freedom to move around on two feet when and to where we please…..for EVERYTHING! I’m certain they didn’t choose this life! Who would anyway?

Interestingly, in all the visits I have made to various homes, I can safely say that this group has been the most energetic and entertaining! Those who could speak asked me questions (verbally and with gestures), shared their names and the names of those who couldn’t speak (Bashirat, Anuoluwapo, Michael), some asked to have shots with me (the home allows this, probably because chances of reintegrating into the society is slim), and then my favourite part……. they sang the loudest birthday song I ever heard! As much as I enjoyed it, I kept wondering how November became the new May (my birthday month). It then hit me that it was likely owing to the fact that they had hosted visitors who chose to celebrate their birthdays at the home. So to them, I was another birthday celebrant! Very sweet nonetheless!! They finished up with an even louder “Hip! Hip!! Hip!!!…… to which we responded Hurray!!! in unison”

We should all experience that sense of fulfilment which comes with knowing you just made a difference (big or small)! I couldn’t agree more with the saying that it is indeed more blessed to give than receive.

Special thanks to Maria Svensson and Pastor Christian Ike for their support and contribution towards the successful execution of this project. God bless you abundantly, and supply your needs according to His riches in glory…..Amen.

There’s room for whoever wishes to join me on any of my future charity projects.

God bless us all always!

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